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Never buy vitamins at discount stores, supermarkets, or drug stores. These brands are nearly all made by major drug companies, and even if you don’t buy the idea that they have conflict in keeping you well, when they make all their money selling you drugs when you are ill, then understand that in just one example; the vitamin pill that is labeled “Vitamin C”, may be sold as such if it has ascorbic acid in it.

Granted, ascorbic acid is ascorbic acid, regardless of where it comes from, and, even if it were synthesized from petroleum it would still be the same stuff. BUT: in nature you NEVER find pure Ascorbic acid; you ALWAYS get vitamin C together with numerous co-factors, the major ones being rutin, hesperidin, and various other bioflavonoids. You need at least these co-factors to fully absorb and utilize vitamin C. So buying the cheap brand to save a few dollars is just paying to pass the vitamin in your urine, and keep the sewer system healthy.

Same kind of thing goes for various forms of iron, calcium, magnesium and many others.

See Dr. Press’ article on Calcium Carbonate in Vitamins at

You get what you pay for. We have done the research and now carry the finest brands of vitamins, minerals and natural supplements that money can buy. Many of these brands are sold ONLY through licensed chiropractic physicians.

At our offices, we carry an extensive line of nutritional supplements, many of which are not available at health food stores, and some products are available exclusively at this office. We offer nutritional counseling and analysis – most of which is covered by insurance. Inquire by calling us at (201) 569-1444.

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