Fitness and Exercise
In our computerized world, most of us spend entirely too much time in a sitting position, mainly in front of a computer. Even with the most wonderful ergonomics, having your arms out in front of you for multiple hours at a time presents a problem. Dr. Vladimir Janda, a Czech physician described a condition known...
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At The Gym Whether you are a competitive athlete in training or a person who just wants to keep fit by visiting the gym frequently, protecting your back and spine from injuries during workouts is not only the most important but your first priority. Studies found that after injuries to the hand, injuries to areas...
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Fitness and Exercise Programs Participating in regular physical activities is a must for all individuals, of all ages. Unfortunately, approximately 60% of all Americans fail to meet their recommended levels of physical activity. Worse yet, 25% of Americans fail to participate in any sort of physical activity. Many studies have shown exercise can significantly increase...
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We believe in taking our time and getting to understand you as a person, not just as a disease or a condition. That's the basis of "Whole Health." We look at multiple determinants of health - physical, nutritional, spiritual, emotional. By addressing all of the needs of the person, we work towards wellness - the state of good health.