See what Dr. Stephen Press has to say about this treatment

As much as I generally hate to agree with this guy; in his web diatribe where he usualy rails against everything that’s not drugs or surgery, he hits the nail on the head in this article: you really need to read this. [QuackWatch]

In an article on decompression therapy, in the December, 2011 issue of the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association, the consensus of the experts was that there is simply not enough science to show the long term effects of this expensive therapy. Rebecca James writing for the Journal on Pages 28-30, quotes several prominent researchers saying that there is a lack of science to prove the benefits. In short, we really don’t know if you do respond to this, whether it was the machine, or something else the doctor did for you.

In this office, we provide decompression ancillary to spinal adjustment when and IF it is Chiropracticaly indicated in your prescribed therapy regimen. In general however, decompression therapy, including the “DRX”, and other DRX-Like machines, can be useful for TEMPORARY decompression of discs when there is nerve entrapment at the foramen (nerve opening). However nearly all studies show that this expensive treatment which is only in small part covered by insurance carriers as it is usually found to be “medically unnecessary treatment” by them, provides only SHORT-term results. Those that do cover this therapy generally pay for it only as an ancillary P/T modality, which reimburses the patient only about 10-15% of the cost. [Ref: Aetna]

Also, remember that these machines all descend from the invention of a Canadian Medical Doctor who was NOT trained to give Chiropractic Adjustments. Apparently he saw the effects of Chiropractic and tried to invent a robot to adjust spines mechanically.

Soooo…: when considering this therapy, think about this…

Dr. Press is also a cellist… imagine that he invents a robot to play cello. Do you want to pay for tickets to listen to his machine, or Yo-Yo Ma? What does this say about the manipulative skill of Chiropractors who want to use a Medical Doctor’s invention to adjust their patients? If this will actually help you, we will not hesitate to use our own decompression machines or refer you to someone who CAN help you.