Speeding Up Recovery Time For most people, recovering from a broken bone is an exercise in patience. For an active person, being told that you have to significantly reduce or cease activity in order to let the bone heal is equivalent to torture. However, there are a few things you can do to help speed...
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Attacks on Supplements? Courtesy of the Alliance for Natural Health – Feb 11, 2014 By now anyone not living in a cave has heard the message loud and clear: don’t use supplements. Either they are a harmless waste of money, or they’re a harmful threat to your health (note that these points are contradictory). This...
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Buying Vitamins Never buy vitamins at discount stores, supermarkets, or drug stores. These brands are nearly all made by major drug companies, and even if you don’t buy the idea that they have conflict in keeping you well, when they make all their money selling you drugs when you are ill, then understand that in...
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