Dr. Press completed a course in Applied Kinesiology, the techniques originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart of Detroit, who was the Doctor recommended by Dr. Stephen Press to go to Lake Placid as the first US Olympic team Doctor in 1980.

Applied Kinesiology is based on various phenomena which were either discovered by Goodheart, or integrated into AK by him. It seems clear that there are subtle energy fields and channels running through the human body, which carry a form of energy which has probably eluded scientists even now. For example, in acupuncture it is well described that there are meridians or channels of chi, or life energy flowing which it is theorized are affected by the placement of needles. Histologically there is no difference in these tissues at all from the tissues near or next to the acupuncture points! These channels are NOT nerves, or nerve tissue. Yet we can measure in a laboratory the amounts of endorphins produced by stimulating these points, and stimulating the tissue nearby, does NOT yield the same results. Frankly, scientists have no clue what is the mechanism by which acupuncture gives results.

Similarly, homeopathic medicine has shown results in several relatively recent scientific studies, and there is no good scientific explanation for how it can possibly have any effect on a body.

In AK, Muscle testing is performed to assess the functions of internal organs theorized to have some energy relationship to those muscles. Nutritional substances can be tested and we can look a the reaction the body has to them before you actually swallow the pill, or capsules.

Does AK replace traditional diagnostic methods? Absolutely not! But it can , and probably should be used as an adjunct to these techniques.

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