Your first reaction one usually has is to ask: “What can a Chiropractor do for menstrual cramps?”

But, remember that virtually all functions of the human body are at some level controlled by neurological functions. That means that your nervous system, if properly working, and unimpeded, should help keep your glands, and other internal organs working at peak efficiency.

When there is some interference in nerve function, then the chemical environment in the tissues controlled by those nerves becomes out of balance, and pathological processes can start.

Although the precise mechanism by which Chiropractic adjustments influence the levels of prostaglandins in the uterine wall has not yet been fully elucidated, we believe it to be from a disturbance of the autonomic nerves supplying the uterus. And, the reaction of pour patients to lumbar spine adjustments, has been dramatic.

We are now able to also offer the prescription and dispensing of nutritional and biological substances that are proven to speed relief for our patients suffering menstrual cramps and many other conditions.

It was not long ago that Gynecologists told women that monthly cramps were “just part of being a woman” and you “just had to suffer.” In short, they really didn’t believe it was real pain. Then some got the idea to try giving codeine and women got relief, but were taking an addictive narcotic.

The next step was to try prostaglandin inhibitors, like ordinary aspirin. When it was found that inhibiting prostaglandin, medicine thought, “well then that’s the answer. The uterus makes too much prostaglandin during the cycle, so we’ll reduce the prostaglandin levels with drugs and thus reduce the pain,” which at some level this is true. But the 60,000 dollar question was really: “What causes the prostaglandin levels to be elevated in the first place?”

Several studies have shown that women with primary dysmenorrhea respond at a rate of about 80% (At this office the rate has traditionally been even higher, as we do not accept patients we do not believe will respond to our therapy methods) to spinal adjustments.

Thus, one could draw the conclusion that some kind of biomechanical interference at the autonomic nerve level in the low back causes the uterus to produce abnormal levels of prostaglandins. Regardless, studies show that 85% of such patients have a significant reduction of monthly pain when they get their low backs adjusted.

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