Headaches and migraine


Headaches are an unpleasant, but not uncommon occurance. Headaches can start in the neck and build up pressure behind the eyes, or they can occur with visual or auditory disturbances. There are many different kinds of headaches, each with its own personality.

man sitting with headache Tension Headaches

Usually start in the neck, or at the base of the skull and can feel like a belt is being tied around the head. Almost all tension headaches are the result of muscle tightness in the neck or shoulders. They are one of the most common types of headaches, and fortunately, they tend to be fairly simple to fix. Tension headaches typically respond well to muscle work, chiropractic adjustment and stress relief techniques. Certain botanicals may be used to decrease muscle tension.

man sitting with headache Cervicogenic Headache

Headaches that are the result of irritation of the nerves that exit the spine very near the base of the skull can cause a type of headache called cervicogenic (originating in the neck) headache. It most often occurs with pain or stiffness restricting movement of the head and neck. It may sometimes occur with a feeling of dizziness or vertigo. This condition also tends to respond quite well to chiropractic therapy.

man sitting with headache Migraine Headache

This multifaceted type of headache can be one of the worst for sufferers. Migraines can occur with or without an aura or auditory disturbances. Light and sound make it worse. Once a migraine starts, it is very difficult to stop. Correctly diagnosing migraines and differentiating them from other types of headache is crucial for proper treatment. Migraines are thought to be caused by blood vessels in the brain going into spasm. It's not the constriction that causes the pain, it's the subsequent dilation that results in fluid leaking out. The brain interprets this fluid leaking out as pain. Chiropractic manipulation, along with a protocol involving botanicals, and nutritional products have been shown to have very good effectiveness in the treatment of migraines.

man sitting with headache Other Types of Headache

If the headache occurs with difficulty speaking, swallowing or moving due to weakness, especially if this is the first headache or worst headache that you have ever experienced, it may not be a simple headache, but a stroke in progress. If you are in any doubt, contact emergency medical services by dialing 911.
There are other types of headaches that are less common. If you experience headaches, give us a call at 201-569-1444! We have very good success with treating headaches. Make an appointment and find out what we can do for you.