gait Scan technology
gait scan


The Gait Scan apparatus is a revolutionary diagnostic tool that enables a rapid and accurate assessment of the bio-mechanical function of the feet whilst walking.

The gait analysis provided enables the practitioner to determine whether a patient has tendency to pronate or supinate during walking. Tendency for the foot to be in either direction can give rise to a number of joint problems that can be the cause of pain in the foot, Knee, Hips and Back which can lead to bad posture and start effecting the neck and shoulders.
If you agree with any of the statements below ask me how I can help

  • I get back pain often
  • I play sport regularly
  • My feet are sore most of the time
  • Standing, walking or running gives me joint pain
  • I have visible foot problems
  • My Knee’s are knocking or My legs are bowed
  • My shoes wear out quickly and unevenly
  • My big toe is starting to bend towards my small toes
  • My parents had joint related symptoms

The Gait Scan can reveal biomechanical dysfunction such as flat feet or over pronation which means that too much pressure is put on the inner borders of the foot during walking action & over supination means that excessive pressure is on the outside border of the foot.

Determining the weight distribution in standing helps in diagnosis of problems in the feet and elsewhere that can cause pain. A dynamic gait scan of the pressure distribution of the foot whilst walking provides a wealth of information. It is this useful information that gives a diagnosis of the problems caused from your feet and can help in the generation of an orthotic in sole device that is custom made to help correct the underlying problem. It is the use of the orthotic will help’s to restore optimal Biomechanics and can lead to a great reduction and even the elimination of pain.