Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food. -Hippocrates

Proper nutrition is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. It's no surprise then that the vast majority of health conditions that Americans suffer from are the result of lack of exercise and poor diet. As society has become increasingly technological, we rely on our own bodies to do work less and less. As a result, almost 65% of adults in the United States are overweight or obese. We have become overmedicated, taking one drug to treat the side effects of another. We make poor choices about what we eat.

North Jersey Whole Health Center has a focus on getting as many people back to health and wellness as possible. We believe that lifestyle modification is possible, and that it can be a permanent change. Using a combination of exercise, diet modification and nutritional supplementation, many health problems can be effectively managed.

In the State of New Jersey, the ability to dispense and administer nutraceuticals, minerals, botanical medicines, cell salts/glandular extracts, and protomorphogens is the sole province of chiropractic physicians. Just as prescription medication is stronger and more powerful than over-the-counter equivalents, the same is generally true for nutraceuticals, and botanical medicines. Professional line supplements, dispensed through our office, cannot be purchased over the counter, and in fact, require a valid physician's license to obtain. The products that we dispense are of the highest quality, assayed for purity and concentration, and most are manufactured to the same standard as prescription medication.
We do not prescribe legend drugs, but instead utilize botanical preparations and other natural substances to, in most cases, accomplish the same goal - the restoration of health.