Initial Paperwork

When you arrive for your first chiropractic visit, you will be asked to sign in, and will fill out some initial paperwork. Most of this paperwork can be downloaded and filled out ahead of time to save time. If you will not be completing the forms in advance, please arrange to arrive about 15 minutes ahead of time to take care of this.

medical results folders History and Examination

After you have been shown into our examination room, Dr. Press or Dr. Geleta will ask you about your health history, about what your current issue is, and perhaps about many other factors such as medications, supplements, exercise, lifestyle, etc. Please be as complete as possible when answering these questions, as this interview allows us to fully understand the nature of the problem.

Next, you will be given a thorough examination, which will involve vital signs (height, weight, blood pressure, etc.), ranges of motion, orthopedic and neurological evaluations. This will help us to determine exactly what the problem is.

standing male silhouette with x-ray view of the lungsRadiology

We do not maintain our own X-ray equipment on site. We are about 5 minutes from several radiology centers, with which we maintain an excellent relationship, and are able to get very quick appointments for our patients. We make very judicious use of radiology, as it generally not required for most conditions, and we take our license to order these tests very seriously.

electrocardiogram reportLaboratory Testing

For some conditions, Drs. Press or Geleta may order bloodwork or other laboratory testing. We do not draw labs on site, but refer to several different labs in the area, depending on which are in-network with your insurance.

medical YOUR FIRST VISIT Report of Findings

Next, Drs. Press or Geleta will explain what they believe to be causing the problem, and will explain the process of treating it. The proposed treatment plan will be explained, and we will make sure that you fully understand the benefits, as well as the risks of any treatments.

medicine kit with first aid symbol YOUR FIRST VISIT Treatment

Depending on time, you will be given your first treatment. Drs. Press and Geleta have a great deal of experience with even the most complex of health conditions, and will do their best to make you comfortable and help you as much as possible. Depending on the problem, you may have corrective exercises or nutritional supplements prescribed to support your in-office therapy

checklist YOUR FIRST VISIT Follow Up

The last step will be scheduling a follow-up appointment. At North Jersey Whole Health Center, we don’t believe in cookie cutter treatment plans. Every one of our patients will be given a treatment plan that is tailored to their particular issue. We will not ask you to come in for even one unnecessary visit.