The treatment of allergies begins with asking, "What is the cause of the allergic reaction?" This is a result of the body's immune system becoming hypersensitive to a chemical, food, drug, or other substances. There are many different kinds of allergies, and allergic reactions, ranging from mild to life-threateningly severe.

What Causes Allergies?

The common thread that all allergic processes share is that the immune system sees a substance that it does not recognize as "self" and releases chemical signaling molecules to ramp up an immune response. This response involves producing histamine and many other chemicals that contribute to the allergic reaction. Taking anti-histamine medication covers up the symptoms of the allergic response, but does nothing to address the root cause of the problem, a hypersensitive immune system.

For some types of allergies, the allergic response can be controlled through diet and lifestyle changes. Typically,  such as non-life threatening food and seasonal, these symptoms can be well controlled without medication using certain nutritional substances.

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