Charles Avery Fisher On the Stimulator

The Fisher-Wallace (formerly the Liss) Cranial Electrical Stimulator is a TENS-like device, approved by the FDA initially for the treatment of depression, and shortly thereafter for treatment of chronic pain as well.
It is the only truly SAFE, and EFFECTIVE device which can be used to directly stimulate the brain with a proprietary electronic signal which cause specific parts of the human brain to increase their secretions of endorphins, cortisol, serotonin, or other neurotransmitters, for treatment of specific conditions.With this unique device, we can effectively control systemic as well as local pain, reduce swelling, improve ability to concentrate, treat insomnia, and reduce muscle spasms, even in those with cerebral palsy.

The Liss stimulator is being used in research to help autistic children, and has been studied in hospital to reduce the intractable pain of terminal cancer patients by as much as 50%.
Dr. Press is a consultant with the Fisher-Wallace Laboratories, as he was personally trained by his friend of 30+ years and patient, Dr. Saul Liss, the inventor of the CES device, and is considered one of the foremost authorities on its uses and applications.The neurotransmitter Serotonin, which is the target of most anti-depressant medications.

The FDA approved, Liss Cranial Electrical Stimulator has been shown to increase serotonin secretion, without the need for drugs and without any of the toxic effects.