The treatment of asthma is usually a multi-specialty approach. Most asthma patients will present to a chiropractic clinic on at least one or two maintainence medications. At North Jersey Whole Health Center, we are not against the use of drugs; only the unnecessary use of drugs. Asthma is one of those cases in which we will want to work with your medication prescriber to try to lower the dosage as chiropractic therapy begins to help decrease your asthma severity, and the need for the meds also decreases.

There are a number of studies on the effect of chiropractic adjustments on asthma patients in different populations. Some show a positive effect, others no effect. The sum of the research is that a coordinated approach is best, and that patients obtain maximum relief from a combination of traditional medical therapy along with chiropractic therapy, which can include chiropractic adjustments, nutritional and botanical medicine.

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