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Inflammation in our body may not signal a call to our doctor, however in some cases, inflammation can become chronic, causing a myriad of serious disorders.  Inflammation is the body’s natural defense mechanism in response to harmful stimuli, and is a sign that the immune system is healing and repairing damaged tissue as well as defending against foreign invaders such as viruses or bacteria. In this role, inflammation is a vital part of the immune systems healthy function.

Without inflammation, wounds would not heal properly and infections could become deadly. It is our body’s greatest natural weapon on the front line of defense.  However, if the inflammatory process begins to overreact, or occurs in places where it is not needed, serious problems can arise. This chronic inflammation has been linked to an array of disorders, from rheumatoid arthritis and lupus to ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Many people who suffer from issues caused by chronic inflammation can find treatment an uphill battle in controlling the pain, stiffness, and discomfort caused by irritated nerve endings.  The routine, over the counter medications that contain anti-inflammatory components and pain reducers that include aspirin and ibuprofen are sometimes coupled with a steroid to treat the symptoms of acute inflammation, are sometimes less effective on chronic inflammation.

Chiropractors have become more and more involved in helping pain sufferers find the best mode of treatment for the root cause and the symptoms of chronic inflammation.  Chiropractors understand the relationship of the body to the sources of its pain, and have built upon a unique history of medical and wellness training to develop noninvasive alternatives of pain relief.  Studies have shown that adjustments to the skeletal system help reduce inflammation throughout the body.

There are, however, exciting advancements in pain and inflammation reduction that are changing how we perceive options of treatment.  Dr. Robert Press, a chiropractic physician at North Jersey Whole Health Center, LLC., uses a variety of tools including physical modalities, lifestyle modification as well as nutrition to effectively treat inflammation, both acute and chronic.  There are numerous ways to mitigate chronic inflammation, through dietary modification as well as supplementation. One of the best known anti-inflammatory supplements is turmeric. The active compound, curcumin, exhibits significant anti-inflammatory action, predominantly within the gut, and, when complexed with other natural substances that increase absorption, throughout the entire body.

A chiropractic team can also assist in formulation of a wellness plan that provides a patient centered approach that could include dietary adjustments, exercise routines, and other lifestyle components, offering a multi-faceted approach to reducing the body’s inflammation.   A wellness plan that incorporates these aspects will help foster the best environment for the body to heal.

While inflammation that has become chronic may be more difficult to diffuse, it can be managed under the right medical care.  Inflammation issues detected early on have a much better chance of being resolved, consider speaking to your chiropractic team to discuss a plan that focuses on wellness and whole health aspects that include the latest in medical treatments.

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