Doorframe Pec Stretch

One of the leading causes of forward-flexed posture is over contracted pectoralis muscles. Modern humans spend most of the time with their arms out in from of them, and when muscles are held in a shortened position, or overused, they tighten up. This can lead to the pec muscles pulling the shoulders forward and contributing to poor posture.

Undoing this is a necessary first step in most postural treatment programs. Fortunately, there is a simple stretch to address tight pectoralis muscles – the doorframe stretch.
Begin by standing in the doorway, and holding your arms up to 90º angles as shown in the diagram. Then move one leg forward, and lean your body weight forward until you feel the muscles in the chest begin to stretch.

Push into this a little, take slow deep breaths. After each breath, relax your body and try to push a little further into the stretch. After 4-5 deep breaths, relax and end the stretch.

Performing this stretch once per hour can help to undo the forward flexed posture that contributes to neck pain, headaches/migraines, and back pain.

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